Sunday, March 20, 2011

// prioritaire gmail

I was a little "duh!" about this nifty update. But, couldn't shrug my shoulders any further. Couldn't simple stay a "dough" all the while.

So, I went on Prioritaire Gmail - Gmail Priority Inbox.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

// hurt locker

I hate to say this but, I need to spill this drop here, now - alike old times.

Hurt Locker

noun. a period of immense, inescapable physical or emotional pain (as on Urban Dictionary)

a metaphorical bad place one goes to after/while experiencing defeat, injury, distress, etc. Military slang. (as on Online Slang Dictionary)

is GI slang for severe injury (as on BBC)

Hurt Locker = Chennai 75%

I know that many (literally many) who live here do not agree to this. But, for anybody who is from Pondichéry, this is what it is.

Chennai 25% - I love this place for a certain number of people here. For friends who are family and families who are all about love. Not the place, exactly.

Hmm... I'm trying to keep cool, though. ;)
Have you got something interesting to say? Feel free to spit it out.

// about work-life balance from nigel marsh

I saw an eclectic selection of TED videos on my email newsletter sometime. Out of many eminent speakers and their topics nothing much weighed and pulled my attention more than this...

This feels as something very, very important to me and makes a lot of sense when I am actually just not trying it out, but when I am really working it out.

What's working for you? - Eager to know and learn good lessons from my fellow mates!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

// (love will) keep us together

I was so enthralled by this song ever since it was released (18th octobre 2010)

D. Ramirez, MARA, Steve Edwards all their talents put together this is that amazing blend of love and house music. The very first time, I heard this song without the video my imaginations went amock. And just after the video was released, OMG! It was ultimately more than what I imagined of.

After months of frequented injections of this song into my veins, I felt that there is no more than this very joy of spreading it from here. Enjoy!

Hear it on SoundCloud:

Watch it on YouTube:

For some reason as I was seeing this video, I felt I was seeing one of my best mates, KD in that boy's role and obviously that should be his girl friend. ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

// shut the other (lifeless) blogspot down

I have shutdown my other (lifeless) blogspot, "BenVsBen - The JukeHead Musique"

It was very simple. Export Blog > Import Blog > Delete Blog.

Now I just have one more to go. Grab the blogdrive posts. :-?